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Why is team building important for managers?

It isn't easy to work in a team environment all the time. It is the job of the manager to get individuals to work together to accomplish goals. It is important for the individuals on the team to trust one another and understand each other to build a cohesive team. A good leader doesn't leave team building to chance, instead they cultivate the environment they want. They help build productive teams that can work together for a common purpose. Some common advantages to team building include improved communication, reduced conflict, and more trust within the team structure. 

What are some effective team building activities?

While this course offers examples of team building activities, it also covers the importance of selecting activities that support the ultimate goal of the group. If the team is newly formed, the activities a manager should implement are different than if the team is having conflicts with each other. A manager will have to determine which activities, games, or other solutions are most appropriate for their situation. 

Who should take this team building for managers training?

Team building should be an ongoing activity and this training will benefit anyone in charge of continuously developing their workforce. This course is highly recommended for new managers, project managers, agile teams, product managers, administrative support, event planning teams, and human resources.

Course curriculum

    1. Team Building for Managers -Module 1-Getting Started

    2. Team Building for Managers -Module 2- What are the Benefits of Team Building

    3. Team Building for Managers -Module 3- Types of Team Building Activities

    4. Team Building for Managers -Module 4- Games

    5. Team Building for Managers -Module 5- More Team Building Games

    6. Team Building for Managers -Module 6- Activities

    7. Team Building for Managers -Module 7- More Team Building Activities

    8. Team Building for Managers -Module 8- Social Gatherings

    9. Team Building for Managers -Module 9- Common Mistakes When Team Building

    10. Team Building for Managers -Module 10- Formatting a Team Building Plan

    11. Team Building for Managers -Module 11- Evaluate

    1. Team Building for Managers Quiz

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