Key Points

This course is ideal for you, if you want to initiate DEI efforts and be compliant with laws. If your existing DEI efforts aren't working, this course will give you a good foundation for effective change. If you are leading Small or Mid-Size teams, this course will help you craft a better DEI Strategy.

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Course curriculum

    1. Disclaimer and Course Information

    2. DEI Stategies for Smaller Organizations Course Introduction

    1. Importance of DEI - Overview and Terms

    2. Challenges and the Bridge to Belonging

    1. Understanding Individual Behavior

    2. Keynote - You, The Change Agent

    1. Legal Considerations - Lecture

    2. Legal Considerations - Cases and Complaints

    3. Sample EEOC Poster

    4. Small Business Employer Responsibilities EEOC

    1. DEI Strategies -HR Perspectives

    1. DEI Leadership and Change

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